APPLICATION FOR FREE ONLINE DOMESTIC VIOLENCE PROGRAM AND CERTIFICATE: (for business or individuals) Application deadline May 10, 2021 Basic course starting date Tuesday, May 18, 2021 6:00pm-9:00pm 

ROAR – Reach Out Addiction & Recovery House Inc. Is proud to announce our Domestic Violence referral to the Essex County Prosecutors Office FREE Sanctuary Initiative Domestic Violence program. Unfortunately, domestic violence has been on the rise more than ever before due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. There is a waiting list to take this certified training however as a ROAR referral you are guaranteed access to this program. You have the option or taking both the Basic and Advanced Course. Both courses are FREE however you MUST take the Basic before you can take the Advanced Course.  Once application is received and processed you will receive an email with the link to ZOOM. For more information, please call 973-621-4689 or contact the Essex County Prosecutors Office by e-mail at or email ROAR 

 This course will prepare you to effectively assist and advocate for victims/survivors of intimate partner assault, sexual assault, child abuse, as well as survivors of homicide victims who are members of local area such as churches, mosques, synagogues, temples, and sober living houses for women in Essex County or those who are receiving services through other allied partners in other counties. The training will also prepare those who have applied for membership on their municipal police department’s domestic violence response teams, are involved in other community activities, or work or local area social service agencies. 

Successfully completing of this FREE training program is not only a way to help those in crisis but is also an opportunity to join a helping community of dynamic people. Volunteers are invited to participate in subsequent training sessions to further develop their advocacy skills. The work is challenging at times, but the rewards are many BOTH BASIC AND ADVANCED COURSES ARE BEING OFFERED FREE OF CHARGE 


MANDITORY BASIC COURSE: The nature of Catastrophe, assisting underserved victim populations (part i). Crisis intervention and crisis counseling, the spiritual dimension of trauma, cultural aspects of criminal victimization, crime victim/legal advocacy, effective communication skills and supportive services, safety planning and threat assessment (part 11), ethics and professionalism value clarification, the effects of trauma on an individual’s developmental stages, the intersection of Substance abuse, mental health, and victimization, trauma assessment, local areas resources and networks, and the criminal and family court processes 

Once you receive your Basic Course Certification you are more than welcome to continue  ADVANCED COURSE IS NOT MANDITORY TO RECEIVE YOUR CERTIFICATTION  

OPTIONAL ADVANCED COURSE:  emerging trends in criminal victim advocacy, trauma informed care, trauma bonding, captivity theory, and the science of attraction, the politics of power in intimate relationships, ritualistic abuse, primary aggressor, the topology of battering behavior, social aggression and the bystander effect, the use of technology as a means to stalk and terrorize, intimate partner violence-related workplace violence, working with the media, assisting underserved victim populations (part 11), safety planning and threat assessment (part III) and vicarious trauma, spirituality and self-care. 

 My name Yazz known to most as Ms Yazz ROAR, and I am a grateful recovering addict whose drug of choice is alcohol.  

 I am also the survivor of Domestic Violence.

My very first boyfriend was a body building drug dealer.  I wanted to end the relationship and he tried to kill me. He locked me in his house and threw me around like a ragdoll. I tried to fight back but he was very big and very strong. He held me down on the bed, put both hands around my neck and proceeded to choke me. I saw a glass out the corner of my eye and was able to hit him over the head and break free I radown the steps to the front door and realized he removed the key so I could not leave. I could not call 911 because he pulled the phone out the wall.  Thank goodness the windows were open. A neighbor heard me screaming for help. She frantically rang the bell and saved my live.   

FREE DOMESTIC VIOLENCE TRAINING CLASS  Date:   5/18/2021    Time:  6:00pm-900:pm   ROAR DOMESTIC VIOLENCE REFERRAL APPLICATION    All entries with an (*) Asterisk must be filled out. 
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Individual Information

There may be extremely graphic and have sensitive information given/explained during this course.
Do you agree to and will not hold ROAR-Reach Out Addiction & Recovery House Inc. liable for what you may experience as a result of taking the course.

Business Information

If you or someone you know experienced Domestic Violence, Substance Use or Both and you feel comfortable enough to tell your/their story. Please do so below

ROAR Domestic Violence

Volunteer Questionnaire

Reach Out Addiction & Recovery

Volunteer Memorandum of Understanding

1. To maintain strict confidentiality to protect the privacy of all clients.
2. To attend all parts of the initial crisis intervention 70-hour Certified basic training.
3. To provide appropriate, culturally sensitive information, referrals, and/pr emotional support to anyone seeking assistance through ROAR Reach Out volunteer program.
4. To never enter, into a professional or personal relationship with a ROAR program client
5. To never go to a victim/survivor’s or substance user’s home or scene of the alleged crime without having a police escort AND contacting the Essex County Prosecutors Office within 72 hours and the ROAR organization, it’s board members via email or phone within 72 hours.
6. To report any suspicion of drug/alcohol, physical or intimate domestic violence to the police and follow up with ROAR contacts via email or phone.

Reach Out Addiction & Recovery

Volunteer Memorandum of Understanding