Application deadline May 10, 2021 

Basic course starting date Tuesday, May 18, 2021 6:00pm-9:00 pm 

ROAR – Reach Out Addiction & Recovery House Inc. Is proud to announce our Domestic Violence referral to the Essex County Prosecutors Office FREE Sanctuary Initiative Domestic Violence program. Unfortunately, domestic violence has been on the rise more than ever before due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. 

There is a waiting list to take this certified training however as a ROAR referral you are guaranteed access. 

My name Yasmin known to most as Ms Yazz ROAR, and I am a grateful recovering addict whose drug of choice is alcohol.  

I am also the survivor of Domestic Violence. 

My very first boyfriend was a body building drug dealer.  I wanted to end the relationship and he tried to kill me. He locked me in his house and threw me around like a ragdoll. I tried to fight back but he was very big and very strong. He held me down on the bed, put both hands around my neck and proceeded to choke me. I saw a glass out the corner of my eye and was able to hit him over the head and break free I radown the steps to the front door and realized he removed the key so I could not leave. I could not call 911 because he pulled the phone out the wall.  Thank goodness the windows were open. A neighbor heard me screaming for help. She frantically rang the bell and saved my live.  

Nearly 80% of domestic violence crimes are related to the use of drugs. 

All types of domestic violence originate from one person’s desire for control and power over another. Addiction and substance abuse is linked to domestic violence in a strong way. When someone is inebriated from drugs or alcohol, they are likely to lose control of their inhibitions. Being under the influence of any substance greatly increases the chances of abusive behavior. 

The Sanctuary Initiative certified domestic violence program will offer a FREE course to equip volunteers and others in the community with training to provide outreach services and crisis intervention to victims and survivors of domestic violence. 

This basic course deals with the nature of catastrophe, assisting underserved victim populations, crisis intervention and crisis counseling, the spiritual dimension of trauma, crime and victim advocacy, safety planning and threat assessment, the intersection of substance abuse, mental health, and victimization. 

This class is filling up fast. All referrals through ROAR are guaranteed a spot.  

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