For Counselors/Supervisors

To Guidance Counselor/Supervisor,

Drinking alcohol & doing drugs for approximately, 30 years became a way of life that caused Bridgitte so much unmanageability and chaos physically and mentally to the point it almost killed her.

Being bullied by the other girls at school, the neighborhood she lived in and physically beaten at home, she lived in fear.  She could not understand why the other girls hated her so much. She didn’t feel like she belonged anywhere and needed an escape from all the hurt and pain. That’s when she found, marijuana, liquor, cigarettes and bulimia.

She dropped out of school in the10th grade because of a traumatic experience.

At the age of 26, she moved to Bergen County N.J. to get away, taking all of her diseased thinking with her. By this point she was a full-blown addict whose drug of choice was alcohol.

Being sick and tired of being sick and tired, she decided it was time for a change

Bridgitte Cleveland has completely turned her life around one day at a time. She gives back to the community, volunteering to speak at treatment facilities like Integrity House Turning Point, the Ladder Project for men, Eva’s Village and particularly the Hospital she detoxed in, New Bridge Medical Center formerly known as Bergen Regional Hospital.

She is currently the CEO, Founder & President of R.O.A.R. Reach Out Addiction & Recovery House Inc., the very same organization funding this book scholarship fund.

Our Children

As educators I am sure you have witnessed children from the age of 17 or younger living with at least one parent who has suffered

from the disease of addiction. There are 1.7 million children residing in single-parent households with a parent who suffers from the

disease of drug or alcohol addiction, and 1.4 million of them live with their mothers. Thus, about, 7.8 percent of children residing in

mother-only households live with a mother who has a substance addiction. Children living in households with a substance-using

parent have an increased risk for child maltreatment, lack of education, hunger and child welfare involvement compared with other

children. In addition, these children are at an increased risk for engaging in substance use themselves.

It is important for our organization to be hands on the community. Reach Out Addiction & Recovery provides clothes, shoes, pockets books and suits for job interviews to women currently residing in other sober living homes. We volunteer our services to other non-profit organizations in the community by assisting other organizations to supply groceries and clothes, coats for children and their parents in schools as well as feeding our neighbors without addresses, some of whom are addicted to drugs and alcohol.

The purpose of this flyer is to alert your students, young men or women graduating in June 2020 that our Organization R.O.A.R. Reach Out Addiction & Recovery House Inc. would like to award a student with money to help them purchase books for their 1st Semester of College.

ROAR and its board members would like to say thank you in advance for disbursing this flyer and allowing your students to participate.

Any and all student interested: Please email your interest  to .

  • State your first and last government name, address, email and phone # in the email
  • We will email you with further instructions.

Bridgitte Cleveland (CEO,President)