Introducing our 1st Annual

Book Scholarship Event

Open to all seniors from Essex County High Schools
September 27, 2020 | 1pm - 6pm
@ The Suite Spot
695 Bloomfield Ave, Montclair NJ 07042

This award is designed to assist high school kids in the Urban, poverty-stricken areas within Essex County. ROAR would like to offer you a scholarship to help you continue your education by alleviating the cost of books for the 1st semester entering college. Recipients will be chosen by board members of Reach Out Addiction & Recovery House Inc. The ROAR staff will award 3 recipients, one scholarship per student for the 2020 fall or spring terms.

1. You must to be a member of our organization to apply for this book scholarship. Total of 2 Year membership Fee $240.00 waved for all students Applying for scholarship and FREE  2 YEAR MEMBERSHIP to all High school students attending Newark NJ public schools applying for this ROAR book Scholarship Grant. You must apply for the grant to obtain a FREE 2 YEAR MEMBERSHIP

2.Must be a degree seeking senior, high school student enrolled in first 2020 fall / spring semester of College. 

3. Essay of 5 paragraphs, 500 words minimum, 1000 words maximum, Typed double-spaced providing details (please choose topic A or B). 

A) How has substance use disorder (drug addiction/alcohol addiction) affect the Urban communities and families. 
B) How has Substance Use Disorder (drug addiction/alcohol addiction) affected your life whether directly or indirectly. 

4. Recipient will be granted with a check for book(s) up to $150 per scholarship award. 
5. Award recipients are limited to one scholarship per student per academic year. 
6. Award recipients must attend award ceremony or award will be forfeited and another award recipients will be chosen. 
7. Award recipients will be given 1 ticket to bring a guest to the award ceremony. Additional tickets will have to be purchased. 
8. Award recipients including any and all guests of award recipients attending the ceremony, agree to have photos and or video taken during and for the presentation of the award ceremony.
9. Family members and guests of award recipient will pay full ticket price. 

*Award is contingent upon availability of funds. 
**Award amount subject to change 

Please use the form below to submit your application and entry.